King’s Construction has diversified into a variety of services over the years.  There are now multiple divisions of our business that are managed by experienced and knowledgeable leaders performing with exceptional equipment.

Dirt Excavation

This is our largest and broadest division.  We use the most up – to - date and innovative technology, such as GPS and a stringless trimmer, to produce a very accurate product, in less time. 

Scope of work includes: Highway and road construction/reconstruction, terraces, ponds, bridge approaches/ bridge approach repair, building pads, basements, slide repair, dam construction/replacement, parking lots, sanitary sewer lagoons, subgrade stabilization, aggregate base rock, rip rap and aggregate ditch liner, pavement demo, clearing. 

Storm Sewer

Sanitary sewer, storm sewer, waterline (public and private.)


Concrete repair associated with roads, flatwork, sidewalks, curb and gutter, driveways, light pavement, parking lot pavement/repair, box culverts, retaining walls (concrete and block.)



Construction materials recycling/aggregate hauling: We recycle salvaged concrete and asphalt into sellable aggregate ideal for driveways, foundations or pads. Please see our “Aggregates” page for information on product and pricing.

We also do minimal seeding and structure demolition.


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